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How Long Should A Passport Be Valid For Travel To India

The reply to the question of how long a passport should be valid for travel to India is Well; it depends on what you’re traveling to India for. There are a whole lot of factors to consider when deciding what is valid for a Passport.

Some of the factors are the location of the person’s residence and how long they’ve lived in the country of their nationality. Additionally, the significance of that specific country on your life.

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If you don’t have any family or personal ties with a particular nation, the validity of a Passport to this country will most likely be briefer than to some other nations.

The most significant factor is how long you’ve been residing in the country where you’re applying for a Passport. There are two methods to ascertain this: one way to work out how long you’ve been in a specific country.

One is through a visit to the state in which you reside, and the other is using a passport calculator that will tell you the amount of time you’ve been in that country.

All depends on the country

Some countries, such as South Africa, China, Iran, India, Pakistan, etc., can only be utilized for specific reasons. This means if you enter into any travel with these countries, you might realize that your Passport is invalid. It would help determine whether your situation is one of them before you go about traveling together.

Now, there are other countries, such as Russia, Mexico, Turkey, etc., which may be used for a myriad of reasons in and from your country. If you’re planning to go anywhere outside your country with your Passport, you need to be sure you take some time to test first.

Otherwise, you might be in for some nasty surprises. It’s always prudent to double-check with the embassy or consulate in your own country also. You should check to determine whether you’ll have the ability to use your Passport to go to the state of your birth.

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Or, if you’ve been there and then opt to come back to the country of your delivery, you may realize that your Passport will no longer be valid. Various nations have different requirements for accepting Passports for travel purposes.

If you’re planning to go overseas with your Passport, it is a fantastic idea to check this before going in the event you want it for something. In the long run, there’s absolutely no one answer as to how long should a Passport be valid for travel to India. But if you follow the suggestions above, you should be able to travel for a good deal longer than you anticipated.

Indian E-visa

When you are decided to go to India, please note, that you will need an e-visa. To get this e-visa, you have to fill the application form, which you can find online.

There are three types of electronic visas to India:
-tourist e-visa – multiple-entry visa with a stay of up to 90 days. Issued for tourist purposes such as: vacation, visiting friends or relatives, yoga, ayurveda, etc.


-e-business visa – multiple-entry visa with a stay of up to 180 days. Issued for business purposes such as: participation in conferences, negotiating commercial contracts, etc.

-medical e-visa – three-entry visa with a stay of up to 60 days. Issued for medical purposes such as short-term treatment, etc.

Please note, that you will need a valid passport and this passport has to be valid minimum six months from the date when you enter India. And the processing times takes up to 72 hours.

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