How To Travel Within Sri Lanka

If You’re Considering a Fantastic Vacation, then you may consider how to travel within Sri Lanka. Although this country isn’t a popular one with tourists, it’s still beautiful. There are a lot of things to do and see while there. As an example, here are the very best places to go to.

Eravate – The Tamu iti-Tewe area is famous for its magnificent scenery.

One of the most photographed sights is Mount Sinabola, Vavuniya Beach, and other white sand beaches. Vavuniya beach is situated to the north of Mount Sinabola.

Devi Jagdamba temple

The latter is a mountain that rises above sea level and is known for its enormous views of the white sandy shores. The Tamu Iti-Tewe Valley is a place where the Tamu Iti mountain climbs in the west and is surrounded by fields and rocky outcrops.

Mandapam, Inundation Bay – This place is called the Center of the Eastern Highlands of Sri Lanka. There are lots of tourist attractions to see here. There are lots of lush green valleys, succulent tropical plants, high plateaus, lakes, waterfalls, and several tropical fruits such as apples, bananas, lemons, papayas, guavas, pineapples, mango, mangoes, and a lot more.

More tourist attractions

Kinabalu and Kandy – The two areas, with the capital of Colombo located in Sri Lanka, are known as the Center of the Eastern Highlands of Sri Lanka. Both places are lovely, with many palm-fringed beaches and scenic mountains. The country of Sri Lanka has a fascinating culture and a high number of temples and historic homes.

Lamu Island – there are several islands in the country of Sri Lanka, and the best known are Lamu Island, which is situated in the Indian Ocean. It’s an excellent holiday destination as it has plenty of natural beauty and is full of cultural history. One thing you must not miss while there’s the Ama Dua natural playground where you can get to see eagles, eagle eggs, crocodiles, dolphins, birds, and a number of other species.

Sri Lankan landscape

Pongal District – The best way to find the tropical forests is by riding a ship in the district’s lakes and rivers. It’s several villages which have unique customs and traditions. You may even see many wild animals such as deer, monkeys, tigers, and lions.

Banda Islands – Situated in the western portion of the nation is Saint Thomas in Laccadive. The island is quite popular with honeymooners because of its beautiful beaches and beautiful scenery. It’s also home to many bird species such as red howler monkeys and massive quantities of sea turtles.

Other popular areas include the Banca Kambia in the northern city of the nation and the Chaweng and Kandy in the southern and coastal regions.

Many tourists like to go to these places due to their natural beauty and several varied offerings. Sri Lanka tourism is remarkably popular among travelers as it offers many distinct websites, rich history, and natural beauty.

What about visa to Sri Lanka

When you want to go to Sri Lanka, please remember that you will need an e-visa. To get this travel authorisation, you just have to fill an application form, which you can find online. ETA to Sri Lanka is valid for entry for 6 months from the date of approval.

However, you can apply on the government website only 3 months before the planned date of entry. You can stay for a maximum of 30 days on site.


The visa allows two entries – but it is important that both entries and both trips must fit within these 30 days! (they begin to accrue from the date of first entry).

The processing time of your application will take up to 72 hours. The e-visa number will be assigned to your passport number, that means that on the border you have to show your passport only.

It is really so easy!